Login Problems


How the password system works

  • For security, your password cannot stay as your birthdate
  • If you change your password and then forget it, you can reset it (or get it reset) to your birthdate
  • If your password is ever reset, you'll have to immediately change it again

First Time on MyAU

  • In the Student ID box, type in your Student ID
  • In the Password box, type in your birthdate in the format 19690709 for someone born July 09, 1969

You will not be able to log in if

  • you have made a typing error in your Student ID or your password
  • your birthdate in the AU system is incorrect
  • you have a duplicate Student ID
  • you have previously changed your password from your birthdate in any other OROS procedure and can't remember what it is.
  • If you have forgotten or lost your student ID number, you will need to call the Information Centre at 1-800-788-9041

Things to try

  • Retype in your Student ID and Password, making sure you don't make any typing errors
  • Click on Challenge Question to get the question you previously entered to allow you to reset your password to your birthdate. Before you're shown the challenge question, you'll have to identify yourself. NOTE: this works only if you have previously set up a challenge question.

How to Change Your Password

The boxes you must fill in are:

  • Current Password: this is your birthdate if this is your first time here, or you have or someone else has reset your password. Otherwise, it is whatever you created when you last changed password.
  • New password: You will make up a password that is one word at least 6 alphanumeric (regular typewriter keys) characters in length and one that should not be found in any dictionary (a good password is the first characters of the words in the first line of your favourite song or poem).
  • Verify Password: You need to type in your new password again.
  • Challenge question: This is so you can reset your own password to your birthdate if you ever forget it. Think of a question to which only you would readily know the answer. Example: What was my first dog's name twice? It is very important that you make up the question because then you'll be able to remember the answer.
  • Answer to question: The answer must also be at least 6 alphanumeric characters long. Notice that there is "twice" at the end of the challenge question. That's because my first dog's name was Rover (less than 6 characters), so my password it roverrover.
  • Retype Answer: Type in your answer again.
  • Click on Change Password.

When you have filled in all this information and clicked on Change Password, you will come to a Welcome to the Office of the Registrar's Online Services page where you can then register for a course, extend your course or change your personal information. You can also view your grades in progress and your final grades, and get your T2202A. As soon as you login in again, you're going to have to change your password because it cannot stay as your birthdate.

If you forget your password and can't remember the answer to your challenge question, please call the Infomation Centre at 1-800-788-9041 (Canada/US)